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Rolyn's training courses enhance understanding of topics of the industry and issues facing the industry.

In response to COVID-19, Rolyn is taking several steps to protect our staff and the general public.
As a result, all classes are currently cancelled until further notice.
Rolyn offers its clients, at no charge, training courses for building engineers, maintenance professionals, property and facility managers, plumbers, and others. Accredited courses can be taught at your facility or at a Rolyn training facility.

We offer classes that:

  • Are led by knowledgeable, professional instructors
  • Can take place in your facility or at a Rolyn state-of the art training facility
  • Are a complimentary, value add for our current clients
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Courses Offered

After the Disaster

After a disaster, you’ll want to put your Disaster Recovery Plan into action by securing your building, making temporary repairs to minimize further damage, cleaning up your property and working with your insurance professional and your insurer to begin the claims process.

Applied Structural Drying

The Applied Structural Drying class is designed to teach the effective, efficient, and timely drying of water-damaged structures and contents, using both comprehensive classroom and hands-on training, in order to conduct a restorative drying environment.

Asbestos Awareness

Our Asbestos Awareness class provides students with the information they will need to identify work areas where asbestos may be present, understand the harmful effects of asbestos, describe methods to avoid asbestos exposure, and become familiar with OSHA and EPA standards designed to protect workers on the job site, among many other important topics.

Before the Disaster

Businesses (especially in areas prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.) often prepare for disasters by storing extra supplies, having an evacuation plan, and learning about emergency resources. Learn to focus on restoring your operations as soon as possible and minimize your losses by preparing adequately for a disaster.

Content Restoration

Take this class to learn what the different methods used in restoring furniture and personal contents. Learn more about ultrasonic cleaning and how it is a major element of efficiency in modern contents restoration. Inventory is part of what makes contents restoration a specialty service. Learn the right way to do inventory and never worry about lost items.

Continuity of Operations

Continuity of Operations, or COOP planning, is the effort to ensure the continued performance of critical ​business and government functions during a wide range of potential emergencies. This class objectives include the ​ability to: anticipate events and necessary response actions, improve performance through the identification of essential functions that must be supported in an emergency, and improve communication to support essential functions.

Construction in Healthcare

This class will address the changing landscape of health systems and its impact on facilities and overall infection prevention and control. Expect to learn the approach to infection control risk assessments (ICRA), to establishing proper containment while understanding risk management and liability prevention considerations.

Disaster Preparedness

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Ethics in Insurance

This is an ethics class and is not the same thing as a course on insurance laws or standards, unfair trade practices, or the content of insurance contracts. This class is designed to provide insurance professionals with the expertise needed to handle complex ethical issues that arrive within the course of their work—as well as fulfilling insurance continuing education requirements.

Meth Lab Cleanup

Taking this class will give you a current and technically sound understanding of both OSHA requirements and nationwide standards for clandestine drug lab remediation, the different meth manufacturing methods, and the toxicology and other related hazards.

Mold Awareness

The purpose of this class is to provide students with fundamental information about mold and its effect on individuals, structures, and the environment. You will learn how to identify mold within a structure, take preventative steps in order to avoid mold contamination, the health effects of exposure to mold, and basic information about mold remediation and acquiring mold testing.

National Flood Insurance

Serving as an introduction to flood insurance, this class covers flood maps and rating, covered property and additional coverages, and flood insurance legislation.

OSHA 10-Hr

Our OSHA 10 General Industry class is designed to familiarize workers with OSHA standards as well as safety and health hazards common to the workplace. We've designed this training to be fully narrated and interactive with a goal to educate workers on identifying, avoiding, controlling, and preventing jobsite hazards.

Smoke & Odor

We’ll cover different types of olfaction and odor, odor sources, detection process, theory of odor control, equipment, chemical options and applications. In this class, you will learn how to address odors caused from biological sources such as decomposition, urine contamination, and mold, combustion sources such as fire and smoke damage, and chemical sources such as fuel oil spills or volatile organic chemicals.

Water Damage

This class is designed to provide basic education of the science and practice of water damage restoration. You will cover extraction, basic containment and basic mold procedures to give you a better concept of water damage, its effects, and techniques for drying of structures.

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