A Moment of Reflection During A Time of Uncertainty

Tuesday, May 12, 2020Cherrie Carney
Human life is so precious, and the senseless killing of others is unacceptable.  No one should lose a mother, father, sister or brother because of the color of their skin.  We can debate about how to change the current environment, but the common theme, just like with the Covid-19 pandemic, is that we are all in this together.   

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused negative emotions to exist at an unprecedented level. People are stressed, scared, and panicking. We are fighting over toilet paper, stockpiling items, and even seeing deaths due to the high emotional environment.  Amid this uncharted time in history, an injustice took place on the streets of Minneapolis and the rippling effect of anger, frustration, and contempt has flooded the streets of many cities across the country.  People are so frustrated that they are not being heard and so desperately wanting to feel safe in their world.  It is heart breaking to see the pandemonium. 

I love this quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. “Nonviolence is absolute commitment to the way of love. Love is not emotional bash; it is not empty sentimentalism. It is the active outpouring of one’s whole being into the being of another.” 

My wish would be that people would take a moment and reflect upon that quote.  Look at your fellow members of society and plant a seed.  A seed of hope, of faith, and of encouragement.  The person walking down the street with a smile on their face maybe facing things in their lives that you can’t imagine or even understand.  Maybe they need just a sign that someone is there and willing to help.  They need to know someone hears them and cares.

Trying to find ways to stay encouraged is hard when you have a dark cloud surrounding you, and finding the strength to pull out of that darkness can be difficult if you don’t see a sign that someone does care. Even corporations have a need to show communities how they care. At Rolyn, we encourage all of our offices to give back to the community.  We are out there prepping and delivering food to the elderly, giving art supplies to a children’s hospital, writing notes to residents at Senior Living facilities, providing masks to first responders, giving financial support to non-profits, and the list goes on.  I like to think of this as ROLYNFORWARD and hope we are setting an example for other companies to follow.

Will we change the world or solve the pandemic?  No.  But if we can brighten a sick child’s day, make an elderly person feel remembered, feed a hungry family, or help keep Covid-19 from spreading, it will be well worth the effort.  If everyone took just a few minutes of their time to show love and attention to a stranger just imagine how we could change lives.

This world won’t look the same on the other side of where we are today but the best stories never end with a world that didn’t change; they end with the seedlings of hope for a better future. So, here’s to the waiting, searching, hoping, and praying that comes after a season of planting. Here’s to waiting for the first signs of new life that are sure to come. After all, every seed must be planted before it can grow.

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Cherrie Carney
Account Manager

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