Achieving Sales Success

Monday, May 22, 2017David Ehrlich

In this post, I will touch on 8 qualities for achieving sales success. These are not necessarily sales secrets but the intent is to get you thinking about where you are in your sales careers and possibly provide a new way of thinking to help you advance.

Be persistent without being pushy

It’s not just a matter of leaving messages in the contact’s e-mail or voicemail; in order to connect, try new tactics such as engaging the “gatekeeper,” the executive assistant or a fellow sales rep within the organization. I encourage my team to do this regularly.

Be passionate about your service

Persistence and passion typically go hand in hand. A good salesperson is passionate and educated about the service or product their company provides and truly believes the solution will work for the customer. Clients recognize and appreciate a passionate sales person.

Build new relationships

Actively prospecting new business relationships is key. A good rule is to spend approximately 80% of your time maintaining your existing relationships and 20% of your time building new ones. Prospecting tools include trade shows, LinkedIn, lunch and learns, etc.

Know your prospect

Good sales people always bring value to every call. They research, plan, and strategize their key contacts. Sales people provide prospective client with solutions. Don’t overwhelm the prospect by reciting capabilities. Instead, focus on how those capabilities can help the prospect and tailor your message.

Drill down

You’ve spent time and resources to open accounts. Spend time researching if there is additional work available from within that client. This should be part of your periodic “maintenance call” with the client.

Ask the right questions

Whether you are out looking for new clients or maintaining existing ones, develop basic questions you can ask to uncover their real needs. Then use the old sales saying; “You have 2 ears and 1 mouth - so you should be listening twice as much as talking.”

Sell on value or price

his is an age old debate. Do your homework and understand the client’s needs. Are they value or price driven? Going into the sale, know the answer to this question.

Get commitment

It’s paramount for the account manager to encourage customers to continue the sales process. By getting them to invest time and resources, they demonstrate a willingness to keep the sale moving forward. Remember, commitment is not necessarily a signature on a piece of paper.

In closing, your definitions or understanding of the 8 topics may vary based on the type of business you are in. However, adopting these tips will have a clear and positive impact on your sales. Happy hunting…

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