Answering the Call: Hurricane Season

Tuesday, September 17, 2019Ronald Bergman

When it comes to nature’s most impressive expressions of power, hurricanes are among the most destructive. The damage done goes far beyond property loss. Lives are turned upside down, sometimes even lost.

Dorian has been no different. There has been an estimated $7 Billion in property damage to the Bahamas alone. As it ascended up the US coast, the destruction and turmoil continued. Regions spanning from the Caribbean Sea up to Virginia have felt the impacts, disrupting daily life and operations in a multitude of communities. Now, the entire East coast finally breathes sighs of relief as the storm resides out at sea. However, hurricane season is not over yet. We must stay alert in the event that other storms begin to brew and make their way towards landfall.

Rolyn’s ability to swiftly perform fast-track demolition, water mitigation, and reconstruction has allowed our clients to face as little downtime as possible. We currently have one of our storm teams in Virginia Beach, in which many hospitality clients are facing setbacks due to the magnitude of damage inflicted by Dorian. For one of its larger projects, Rolyn will have completed the remediation and rebuild of 12 floors of a popular resort in just 10 days. In that one region alone, we have about 200 boots on the ground taking action to restore the resort to its desirable condition.

I am humbled that the entire Rolyn team has vigilantly been responding to our clients’ needs, assisting in measurable recovery efforts, and getting lives and properties back on track. It is a phenomenal thing to watch everything come together after such a catastrophic event. I am so proud to watch the team push themselves and step up to the extraordinarily challenging and labor-intensive work when our communities need us the most.

We take great pride in our work and in our selfless teams, I would personally like to extend my gratitude.

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