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Thursday, February 12, 2015Mark Futrovsky

With this blog (my initial foray into the world of blogging), I am actually fulfilling one of my New Year’s resolutions! Regular visits to the gym are next!

2015 will mark our 35th year in business – no small feat in this very competitive industry of ours. With each passing year, I am convinced the formula to success is really quite simple: it’s to gain the trust of clients. As a service based company, we need to consistently deliver great results. Last year alone, we responded to more than 1,000 separate incidences nationwide. And if the first couple of months of 2015 are any indication, this year should far exceed 2014.

With the New Year, we wanted to boost our digital presence by launching a new Rolyn website. Our marketing team has worked tirelessly to achieve a well-designed website that is easy to navigate and use. A new feature on the website is the blog, where we will feature a blog post monthly from both in-house experts and guest bloggers. If you leave questions in the comments section, we will be sure to have them answered. We have also produced a new corporate brochure, video, along with several other promotional pieces as a part of the Rolyn brand redesigning initiative.

Rolyn Healthcare continues to expand. In addition to Rolyn Healthcare’s day to day work in hospitals and healthcare facilities, the National Rapid Response Environmental Team we assembled in the second half of 2014, has successfully responded to numerous infectious disease outbreaks throughout the Eastern Seaboard, and is now involved in working with multiple healthcare systems in mock drills to ensure system readiness.

We just opened our sixth office in North Carolina. In just 3 months of opening the office, we have doubled our work force! This continues to demonstrate Rolyn’s commitment to growth and expansion. This expansion is mirrored in all of our locations, as we continue to look for talent to fill positions in all our offices. You can see a complete listing of open positions on the careers page.

On the government front, Rolyn’s government team was successful in winning another RFP in the "Environmental Remediation, Restoration, and Repair Service” space. In addition, this award, may be extended to other agencies within the state of Maryland as well as any other federal, state, municipal, county, or local governmental agency under the jurisdiction of the United States and its territories. This includes (but is not limited to) private schools, parochial schools, non-public schools such as charter schools, special districts, intermediate units, non-profit agencies providing services on behalf of government, state, and both community and private colleges/ universities that require these goods, commodities and services.

Our core business continues to prosper in the as we continue to provide a full range of disaster recovery and specialty construction services to a diverse client base of commercial, healthcare, and residential properties facing major disasters, everyday emergencies, and reconstruction projects.

At end of the day, it is our employees who are our greatest asset – as it is only with their dedication and determination that we can continue to serve our clients. I look forward to working with each one as move into 2015. Not only working with them to serve our clients, but also as they contribute positively to their respective communities. 

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