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Tuesday, March 10, 2015Jenny Andrawis

As a young adult, my father, an established and successful engineer, asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I responded that I wanted to go into Business, and pursue a path where I am able to use my creativity and passion for innovation. “Really?” he said. He wasn't very excited since our family had made a name for itself in the medicine and engineering realms and I, his eldest child, was going to venture off into the world of marketing.

Marketing is an art – it is the art of persuasion. It has proven to be the right career path for me; one where I am constantly creating, innovating, and connecting with people to get their ‘purchasing attention.’

Marketing is also intuitive. How? Well, because just like you, I am also a consumer. I always put on my ‘client hat’ when constructing an email campaign or developing a print ad.

Most importantly, good marketing practices are based on trust. After graduating, I made a promise to myself that I would only market products and services that I truly believe in. This logic seems pretty obvious, right? It should be, but I see marketers selling products or services they don’t believe in all the time. Consumers can sense when they’re being misled or lied to. And even if they can’t, it takes one experience, positive or negative, for them to formulate an opinion.

The foundation for Rolyn’s success is the trust we’ve built with our clients. Trust is hard earned, yet easily spent. Our client base entrusts us during times of panic, when their facilities face damage and when they need to minimize profit loss.

I believe in our services, and I speak for everyone at Rolyn when I say that we have complete confidence in our capabilities and industry experience. No song and dance here – our mantra is strengthening existing client relations and building lasting, new ones. True sincerity needs no marketing ploy.

When my father and I get together, he is always happy to see that I am doing what I love. Marketing brings out my best talents; and being a Rolyn team member makes my marketing efforts easy, as the only thing I’ve got to sell is helping families and businesses recover from whatever disaster that may come their way. 

About the Author

Jenny Andrawis
Director of Marketing

In a crisis, you need rapid response from a company with the skills and experience required to handle any type of disaster.

Make Sure You're Covered

Rolyn's PSA is a Priority Service Agreement that puts pricing, billing, and response logistics in place before services are needed. It allows you to make a decision about prices and capabilities before a disaster strikes, instead of in the chaotic midst of a disaster or emergency situation.