The Social Media and HR Partnership

Wednesday, April 01, 2015Stefanié Lomax

It is amazing to see the shift in business practices and procedures as they relate to technology – we are constantly confronted with new programs and software to more effectively perform everyday work tasks. Email wasn't even very popular up until 20 years ago; today it is our main form of communication among coworkers. There are many questions out there about how Human Resources (HR) and the organizations they support best function in this digital world. Where should HR look to build their online presence and streamline the recruitment process? How do you even know where to start looking?

With the prevalence of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn seeping into our everyday vocabularies, here at Rolyn we utilize these platforms to search for candidates. We like to be active and engaged on all fronts because this is where potential employees “live,” so to speak. Most of your passive candidates are also found on these sites– not just on job boards anymore. They may not even be looking for a new opportunity, until the social media savvy recruiter presents it to them. And voila - a match made in heaven!

Since candidate traffic to these sites can be traced, it helps to have an online presence on as many social media channels as possible. They can essentially be used as marketing tools to promote your company and employee benefits. And let’s be honest – candidates want to be associated with a company that is viewed as employee-driven, offering great opportunities for growth and learning (sounds a lot like what we read in job ads, right?). Well, what better way to share those attributes than on social media.

Spreading a positive word about how great your company is can go a long way. Likewise, you must be careful about the message that is being sent and should make sure that the advertising, whether from a recruitment standpoint or an overall business standpoint, is relevant and consistent to what the company actually does. Remember, social media can “live” forever and one bad comment, post, or review is hard to retract. Keeping this in mind, the social media and HR partnership can be a great one – leveraging contacts, opportunities, networking, and the ability to promote skills, services, and a host of other professionally relevant information.   

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