The Value of Partners, Subcontractors, and Vendors in Restoration

Wednesday, April 04, 2018Samuel Bergman

If 2017 was any indication of a trend, hurricanes are becoming more frequent, lasting longer, and having more of an impact on facilities. Rising sea temperatures continue to intensify weather patterns around the world.

2018 Boasts over a dozen significant weather events and 6-8 named hurricanes (4 of which are scheduled to make landfall in the United States). This storm season is projected to be even more eventful than last year. It may be hard to compute just how much damage is possible with these statistics. Partnerships are a key part of the equation.

Rolyn recognizes that to be a full-service restoration company, a system of specialized subcontractors is required. To address 2017 storm damages, additional skilled labor was sourced from Houston to Miami to work alongside Rolyn technicians to mitigate and restore many different types of buildings. The scalability of a restoration service depends on the pre-vetted subcontractors that support them.

Similarly, capital resources plays an important role in tackling jobs after a storm. Unfortunately, the 3 hurricanes of 2017 left much of the east coast short on equipment. However, for Rolyn, this did not present a challenge as the equipment providers already used had resources internationally that were able to be brought in on.

Part of the challenge a storm presents to property managers is the immediate sense of urgency following a loss. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress the situation presents and lose track of priorities in the scramble to bring back normalcy. Eliminating this is can be achieved by having an agreement beforehand with a a restoration contractor. This stress can also be reduced when restoration companies coordinate with these quality assurance compliance groups before a disaster to assure standards are met. These burdens are minimized when building managers can instead focus on returning to pre-loss conditions. Sometimes, larger organizations may have their own established processes already in place to qualify the abilities of contractors without using an external vetting solution. Rolyn maintains a relationship with over 60 of these compliance and group purchasing organizations.

Customers from out-of-state markets recognized Rolyn as an effective, prompt, and professional restoration contractor. These satisfied clients referred services to other colleagues in need. In sharing what worked in their region, property management professionals around the country were able to help Rolyn expedite restoration efforts after the storms in 2017.

It takes a village to properly restore a facility in a timely fashion. By communicating with partners of all kinds, Rolyn is able to find solutions that best fit what the loss needs.

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