Your MOST Valuable Resource

Wednesday, October 30, 2019Cherrie Carney

One of the biggest compliments I ever received was from a former work associate, and it was actually years after we had worked together. We reconnected at a Commercial Real Estate Women’s networking event and had much to catch up on. As we were talking, she mentioned that she had always been impressed by how I treat people. She said she noticed that I treated everyone the same, regardless if it was the Receptionist, Maintenance, or the CEO.

I have never made that a conscious action, it is something instilled in me. I suppose I learned the golden rule (do unto others) at an early age and it just comes as natural to me as breathing. But through the years I have noticed that most people don’t necessarily treat others equally, which makes me sad. Not for the person that someone might think isn’t important because of their title, but for the ones who don’t see the value in others.

We hear a lot about teams and team building in the workplace. We are all on many teams in our lives whether it’s our family, our church, our jobs, volunteering in our communities, or other settings. In each scenario, we play different roles and might have more or less authority than in other positions we hold. But each position that we fill is crucial to the performance of the team. No one is more important; no stage of the process is more important. If teammates don’t perform their best or feel valued in their role the entire team suffers.

Here at Rolyn, I have witnessed the importance of working as a team and how each person’s performance can impact our quality of work and customer experience. We each rely on one another to keep the process moving. From the start of a relationship with a client, through our Operations team performing in an emergency loss situation, all the way to getting invoices out in a timely manner. In our business, time is of the essence and we each must perform at the highest level to ensure our clients’ needs are met. Therefore, showing support for each other in a team setting is crucial. We aren’t a bunch of individuals trying to make our way… We are one team. We are a lean, mean Rolyn machine!

I encourage you to take a look around your world. Get to know your team members. Really understand who they are, where they come from, and what they are really about. You might learn you have more in common with them than you ever thought possible. They may be struggling in areas or experiencing issues that you could have never imagined. They may have dreams and aspirations that you can help them reach, grow and achieve.

The people in your life are your most valuable resource. Don’t ever think you are better or more successful than anyone else. We are all equal, we are all worthy. Booker T. Washington said it best, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” Try that today and see how wonderful you feel tomorrow!

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Cherrie Carney
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