Rolyn Introduces New Platinum Priority Service, a Critical Component of Disaster Planning

September 09, 2011-ROCKVILLE, MD

Rolyn's new Platinum Priority Service includes a "deductible buster" feature which reduces the risk of emergency expenses related to property insurance claims for building owners and managers. This Platinum level expands Rolyn's Priority Service Program which allows preplanning for building emergencies and disasters such as fires, floods, and wind damage.

Rolyn Companies, Inc. announces the introduction of its new Platinum Priority Service. Rolyn’s Priority Service Program is a “Pre-Loss” Agreement that puts pricing, billing and response logistics in place -- before services are needed. It allows building owners and managers to make a decision about prices and capabilities now, before a disaster strikes their facilities, instead of in the chaotic midst of a disaster or emergency situation.

The new Platinum level offers additional services/benefits over and above the no-cost Basic Priority Service Program currently offered. This new Platinum level incorporates all of the benefits of the Basic level, plus:

  •     Facility familiarization walk-through survey
  •     Emergency exercise drill participation
  •     A “deductible buster” feature


While there is still no cost for Rolyn’s Basic level Priority Service, in response to client demand, Rolyn developed this new fee-based Platinum level for clients who are in need of additional services/benefits. Clients who sign up for the Platinum level pay an initial fee and an annual fee, but these payments accrue and can be applied toward the deductible on a property insurance claim when Rolyn is contracted for the loss, or in other words, a “deductible buster”. This unique “deductible buster” feature reduces emergency “out-of-pocket” expenses for building owners.

“With so many natural disasters causing damage to properties—such as the tornadoes in the southeast, Hurricane Irene and the most recent flooding from Tropical Storm Lee--building owners and property managers know they need to plan ahead and be prepared to deal with these emergencies,” commented Mark Futrovsky, president of Rolyn Companies.

About Rolyn Companies
Rolyn Companies is an award-winning, privately-held, full-service property disaster recovery, restoration, and specialty construction firm headquartered in Rockville, MD. Rolyn has successfully completed nationwide disaster response, remediation, demolition, restoration and reconstruction projects for commercial, hospitality, industrial, government, educational, multifamily, and health care building owners and property managers throughout the country for over 30 years. Rolyn is recognized for working in the interest of the client and its turnkey services. Rolyn offers nationwide disaster response services. For more information please visit


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In a crisis, you need rapid response from a company with the skills and experience required to handle any type of disaster.

Make Sure You're Covered

Rolyn's PSA is a Priority Service Agreement that puts pricing, billing, and response logistics in place before services are needed. It allows you to make a decision about prices and capabilities before a disaster strikes, instead of in the chaotic midst of a disaster or emergency situation.