Ronald Bergman


Samuel Bergman


Vince Catania

CFO / General Manager, MD

Trent Darden


Mark Futrovsky


Dan Bedregal

Director of Healthcare Services

Harris Bergman

Organizational Efficiency Manager

Jason Bolin

General Manager, FL

Robert Carr

Equipment Asset Manager

Nathalie Donis

Senior Environmental Project Manager

David Ehrlich

National Sales Director

Valerie Fleming


Scott Futrovsky

Regional Corporate Counsel

John Gentry

General Manager, NC

Nick Goldstein

Senior Project Manager

William Hammond

Director of Smiles

Eric Huzzy

Estimating Manager / Senior Consultant

Jake Klipp

General Manager, PA

Robert Layman

Director of Safety

Aaron Main

Senior Healthcare Services Project Manager

Ross Miller

National Accounts Manager

Cindy Poteat

Administrative Manager

Sean Ritchie

VP of Construction / General Manager, GA

Martin Ross

Senior Project Manager

Chance Schober

General Manager, VA

Brian Speckhals

General Manager, GA

Dianne Spivack

Human Resources Manager

Gary Strickland

Operations Manager

Scott Windell

General Manager, FL

In a crisis, you need rapid response from a company with the skills and experience required to handle any type of disaster.

Make Sure You're Covered

Rolyn's PSA is a Priority Service Agreement that puts pricing, billing, and response logistics in place before services are needed. It allows you to make a decision about prices and capabilities before a disaster strikes, instead of in the chaotic midst of a disaster or emergency situation.