Jenny Andrawis

Director of Marketing

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As the Director of Marketing, Jenny is responsible for the marketing, communication and outreach efforts of the company.  In addition to strategic business development efforts, she directs social media channels, branding, advertising, and website development.  She manages and oversees sponsorships, events, and marketing training. Jenny has more than fifteen years of experience in the marketing industry and continues to bring creative and innovative ideas to the forefront.

She is also a committee member of the Social Media Club Washington DC, an organization which provides opportunities to share ideas and information about social media. SMC’s primary missions are focused on promoting media literacy, promoting standards based technologies, championing ethical behavior, and sharing collective knowledge and insights with each other and the world.

Jenny is also on Constant Contact’s advisory panel. Her regular participation on different email marketing, social media marketing, and contact management topics helps influence product and service decision-making at Constant Contact.

Throughout her career, Jenny has lived/worked in England, Canada, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. In her spare time, Jenny loves to spend time with her husband and two kids, building Rube Goldberg machines, playing with Legos, building doll furniture, and going out to eat.

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